Q & A

Why does it take 5 to 12 working days to deliver the branded goods?

In order to provide the latest hottest fashion to our customers, every items is purchased and shipped directly from our overseas supplier by air. Once a customer submits an order with payment, we place the order to our suppliers right away. Items with adequate inventory take 4 to 7 working days to arrive in Hong Kong. To ensure the quality, we then inspect every piece of goods before sending it out in 5 to 8 working days. In case of temporary shortage or transportation problems, it might take 12 working days to arrive (excluding public holidays in Hong Kong and that Country of Origin).

Why are goods out of stock after I ordered placement?

Goods on sale for more than 3-4 weeks increase the chance of shortage or out of stock. In other words, the longer an item has been out in the market, the greater the possibility of being out of stock.
After we receive the order, rest assured we will place order with our suppliers immediately. However, there may be 1-2 days period when goods are available when order placed but out of stock during goods matching process. If the order confirmed is out of stock, we will notify the customer immediately and proceed refund.

Return Policy

If you received goods with quality issue (within the range as described), please notify us within one working day by email to hi@jamaeuis.com with pictures of the defected area. We will ask our supplier to arrange a replacement. Regarding return details and rules, please refer to {Return & Exchange Policy}.

About Labelling?

Quite a number of the brands within our store, besides having production under their own brand they may also outsource products from local market for selling under their own websites, such as Naning9, Joamom etc., are branded sites that also sell clothes of other brands. Therefore, some of the goods will not be labelled as Naning9, Joamom. This may also explain why different branded sites may sell the same product. For example, the same style of clothing will be selling in both Naning9 and Joamom official websites and marked with different prices.

** Please be assured that all goods will be packed in original packaging of the brands to ensure the ordered goods are imported from the ordered brands.

Why are some of the branded shoes labelled ‘Made in China’?

Limited shoes manufacturing is done in countries of the origin of some brands. In order to cater to the retail market, some of the productions are carried out in China and then being shipped back to that Country of Origin of the brands. Therefore, some of the shoes are actually made in China but the design patents are owned by the brands that designed the shoes.

How do I select the correct size?

Since everybody has her/his own clothing preference, we suggest customers to measure the size of their existing clothings with similar design and material as reference to select the correct size.

Measurement method for Korean shoes?

Generally, Korean shoes’ sizes are presented in millimeters (mm) as the unit of measurement. For example, if the entire length from customer tiptoe to foot heel is 235 mm, and plus the shoes’ material thickness, customer is recommended to purchase size of 240mm or 245mm. In the actual case the shoes are too long, customer still could make use of shoes pad as adjustment.

How to purchase suitable clothes?

Because of different wearing preferences, customers are advised to compare the dimensions of their existing similar clothing with the size information in listed product as reference to assess whether the clothes selected from our website are suitable or not.